Welcome to the magical world of The Night-Lighters...

About the book

The ultimate bedtime story. Peek inside an enchanting world of comfort and fun. Meet the magical Night-Lighter folk who will help turn bedtime into happy memories that will last a lifetime! The Night-Lighters is a wonderfully reassuring bedtime story that not only gives a magical meaning to the everyday household night-light, but also encourages your child to explore the outdoors.

The light at the end of the story

The Night-Lighters are kindly creatures who like to live outdoors in gardens and woodland. You may find some living at the back of your own garden, so look out for sparkle trails or half eaten leaves! Night-Lighters feast on the delicious fruits and vegetables they find, helping families to foster a passion for the outdoors and the simple pleasures of nature. They particularly love to eat leaves dipped in homemade banana jam!!! Night-Lighters sleep all day and then at night go to work in search of children who are experiencing bad dreams. The Night-Lighters place their magic ball of light into the child’s own night-light to give them good dreams.

A note from the author L.A.Andrews:

‘When my twin nephews Teddy & Max were 8, I first created the story of the Night-Lighters. At first it was to help Max sleep at night, but I quickly realised that they were much much more than that...they were real to them. These magical little people became a significant part of our time spent together and created many happy memories. We would spend hours out in the woods looking for Night-Lighters. We searched for half eaten leaves, sparkling trails on trees or holes in trees stumps where they may live. Any evidence that would prove Night-Lighters had been there! Sometimes before they went to bed, Teddy & Max would leave The Night-Lighters presents that they had made or little notes. They would place them in the woods at the back of their garden...I would sometimes leave notes back! They believed in the magic. And that’s why the illustrations had to be actual photographs taken in the real world...to bring The Night-Lighters to life. I hope you have as many wonderful adventures as I did with my nephews’.

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How a Night-Lighter’s magic can benefit you

Helps your child sleep better at night

Promotes the idea of you and your child exploring the great outdoors together through scavenger hunts

Introduces your child to the idea of naturally sourced produce like fruit and vegetables (especially The Night-Lighter’s favourite treat... banana jam!)

Click on the images below for free downloads of a printable colouring in, Word Search and Scavenger Hunt!

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